Tuesday, 29 January 2013

IBCL India

Learn English
The Institute of Business Communication and Languages (IBCL) specializes in imparting language skills, a basic requirement to develop the communication skills critical for professional success. At present, we offer courses in Communicative English and Hindi. While the English course is open to both expatriates from non-English speaking countries and Indian students, the course in Hindi is specifically for expatriates.
We use a variety of innovative teaching methods to ensure student participation and feedback and enable students to use language effectively outside the classroom through extensive interaction in the language they seek to learn. Our courses focus on all four language skills - speaking, listening, writing and reading and comprehension. Besides, we offer courses in Business Communication and Writing, geared primarily to the needs of corporate clients and institutions.
The IBCL Advantage
  • Highly skilled, dedicated teachers
  • Small batch size to ensure all students get individual attention
  • Students are 18 years and older
  • Interactive teaching methods 
  • Emphasis on developing the ability to use language effectively to communicate
  • Study center located in an easily accessible, upscale South Delhi colony 
  • Students from different parts of the world, ensuring learning in a multi-cultural environment
Course Information
The following courses are offered at IBCL.
Communicative English (five levels) - for individual students and corporate/institutional clients 
Hindi  - for expats only
Business Communication - for corporate/institutional clients
Course on writing -  for corporate/institutional clients We propose to add other language courses soon.

Students wishing to enroll for the courses are required to register with the Institute. They are also required to take an evaluation test, which helps us assess their existing knowledge of a language so that we can place them at the appropriate level.

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